Sonoran Herpetologist

The first issue of Tucson Herpetological Society’s membership publication, the Newsletter, was in February of 1988. In May of 1990, it was christened Sonoran Herpetologist – Newsletter-Journal of the Tucson Herpetological Society and became more technical in nature. Here you will find the complete back issues of the Newsletter and Sonoran Herpetologist, as well as the Collected Papers of the Tucson Herpetological Society at the bottom. This is a curated collection of the more significant contributions to the Newsletter and Sonoran Herpetologist.

As a member you have full access to our entire library of Sonoran Herpetologist Archives. Feel free to click on any of the entries below, read more and open each file as a PDF. You may also save PDFs to your hard drive for offline reading on your favorite tablet.

Our publications are copyrighted but the contents of our publications may be reproduced for inclusion in or as educational materials provided the material is reproduced without change and with appropriate credit. We request a copy of the publication is sent to the Tucson Herpetological Society. Occasional exceptions to this policy will be noted.

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Information for Contributors

Authors should submit original articles, notes, book reviews to the Editor via email using an attached word-processed manuscript. The manuscript style should follow that of the Journal of Herpetology and other publications of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. We also invite your contributions to our Natural History Notes section. We are particularly interested in photographs and descriptions of amphibians and reptiles involved in noteworthy or unusual behaviors in the field. Notes can feature information such as diet, predation, community structure, interspecific behavior, or unusual locations or habitat use. We also accept short reports for our Local Research News section, a regular feature in our journal. We are interested in articles that can update our readers on research about amphibians and reptiles in the Sonoran Desert region. These articles need be only a few paragraphs long and do not need to include data, specific localities, or other details. The emphasis should be on how science is being applied to herpetological questions.

Please submit your materials to Howard Clark, Submissions should be brief and in electronic form.


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