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The Tucson Herpetological Society is a non-profit organization that thrives because of the collective passion of our members. Our driven curiosity to explore and catalog our local inhabitants and their environments brings collective knowledge to others that seek to learn. If you would like to become a member of the Tucson Herpetological Society, sign up is easy and you instantly become part of a community of like-minded adventurers!

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The costs associated with joining the Tucson Herpetological Society start at only $20 per year ($14 for students)!

Dues can be paid via check or online! Online payment is fast, convenient and secure. Just click on the button to the right to begin the process.  The Tucson Herpetological Society is a registered 501(3)c non-profit and all membership fees are 100% tax deductible!


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If you would like to also donate separately to the Tucson Herpetological Society or one of our projects, you can easily do so by clicking here.


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